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Commercial Washers

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Commercial Washers at Tony's Appliance

Welcome to Tony's Appliance, your trusted destination for the best commercial washers in the industry. We understand the demands of businesses, and that's why we stock high-quality commercial cloths washer machines designed to meet the rigors of frequent and heavy use.

GE Commercial Washers: GE, a name synonymous with innovation and reliability, brings to you commercial washers that offer both efficiency and durability. Designed for performance and crafted with excellence, GE commercial washers ensure your laundry tasks are met with ease and precision every time.

Maytag Commercial Washers: When it comes to durability and power, Maytag stands out. Their range of commercial washers offers not just superior washing technology but also a promise of longevity. Built to last and perform, Maytag commercial washers are a testament to what great engineering and design can achieve.

Why Choose Tony's Appliance for Your Commercial Washer Needs?

  • Vast Selection: Dive into our comprehensive range of commercial washers and find the perfect fit for your business needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Our dedicated team is always on hand to guide you through your purchase, ensuring you select a machine that matches your requirements.
  • Trusted Brands: We pride ourselves on stocking only the best commercial washers, and that includes industry giants like GE and Maytag.

Laundry demands in a commercial setting are unlike any other. From ensuring the cleanliness of every garment to maintaining the efficiency of every wash cycle, a lot rides on choosing the right commercial cloths washer. At Tony's Appliance, we're here to ensure you make the perfect choice. We also have great financing options.

FAQ About Commercial Washers

What is a commercial washer? A commercial washer is a heavy-duty washing machine specifically designed for frequent and high-capacity usage. They're commonly found in laundromats, hotels, hospitals, and other establishments that require regular, large-scale laundry operations.

How do commercial washers differ from residential washers? Commercial washers are generally more robust, have larger capacities, and are built to withstand constant use. They often have features and settings tailored for specific types of garments and fabrics commonly washed in a commercial setting.

Why should I choose brands like GE and Maytag for commercial washers? Both GE and Maytag are reputable brands known for their durability, efficiency, and advanced technology. They offer commercial washers that ensure optimal performance and longevity, even with heavy-duty use.

How often do commercial washers need maintenance? It varies based on the model and usage. However, to ensure optimal performance and extend the machine's lifespan, regular maintenance checks every 3-6 months are recommended.

Are commercial washers energy efficient? Many modern commercial washers are designed to be energy and water efficient. Look for models with ENERGY STAR ratings or other certifications indicating energy efficiency.

What is the typical lifespan of a commercial washer? With proper maintenance, a high-quality commercial washer can last for over a decade, although this can vary based on the brand, model, and usage frequency.

Can I use regular detergent in a commercial washer? While you can, it's often recommended to use detergents formulated for commercial washers. They're designed to work effectively in large-capacity machines and in various water conditions.

Are commercial washers noisy? While commercial washers might produce more sound due to their larger size and capacity, many modern models are designed to operate as quietly as possible.

Do commercial washers have a faster wash cycle? Many commercial washers are equipped with faster wash cycles to accommodate the demands of a busy commercial setting, ensuring laundry is done efficiently and effectively.

Can commercial washers handle delicate fabrics? Yes, many commercial washers have settings designed specifically for delicate fabrics, ensuring they're cleaned gently yet thoroughly.